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Writing + Creating Prompts

Downloadable PDF to guide you through this one-of-a-kind art with soul journey

Collage Images

Free PDF of collage images to use in the art projects

Two Bonus Lessons

Learn how to make a journal from an old book, PLUS a bonus title page lesson

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  • Work at your own pace
  • Access Lulu anytime inside the online classroom
  • Explore acrylics, watercolors, assemblage, journaling, and more!
  • Dive into soul stretching topics like gratitude, self love, comparison, forgiveness, values, and life purpose

"Lulu Bea, I’m so grateful for all that you do and all that I’ve learned from you. You’ve made this art journaling thing doable. I’ve learned so many techniques while working on this Soul Journey workshop. You are an angelic spirit."

"I got so much from this 6 day journey! It has made me realize it's important to me to make more time for art journaling! I used to art journal regularly & now I remember why!!!! It has the same effect as meditation!"

"Thanks Lulu Bea for creating projects that are fun, but challenging. I wouldn’t ever have chosen any facial feature as a focal point on my own and now I am exploring it and excited that I don’t feel I have to avoid them!"

"This is heart healing and tons of fun!!!"


Personal growth can be fun and practical... let me show you how in this exciting series!


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