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Sweet friend,

It's time to become passionate about your life, to embrace your true life purpose, and to make yourself a priority.

It's time to become an active participant in your days and not let the years slip by without joy being a constant companion.

Lulu's NEW art with soul program will teach you how to activate happiness instantly, love and accept all sides of yourself, embrace your unique skills and qualities, move beyond all of the "shoulds" you tell yourself, and connect with your highest life purpose...

... All while having fun being creative. 

You can inspire others through your commitment to becoming a better woman.

Signup for the Ignited life Academy right now and you'll get:

16-Weeks of art work with soul work for women who are ready to commit to a life of purpose and joy. Modules release every 4 weeks once you enroll, but you have access to the course for life. Lulu takes you through an evolutionary journey into:

  • establishing a gratitude practice so you can start reaping the expansive rewards of this foundational happiness practice. Gratitude is where happiness truly begin, which is why there is an entire month dedicated to it. You will focus on gratitude for the everyday miracles that always surround you (week 1), gratitude for the amazing person that you are (week 2), gratitude for the people who are in your life and have crossed your path (week 3), and gratitude for your life lessons (week 4).
  • embracing your whole self so you can give and receive love from a place of acceptance and abundance. You will uncover the real you by differentiating who you are at your core from all the roles that you play (week 5), awaken to the amazing woman that you already are and what makes you truly unique (week 6), and embrace your shadow self to integrate all sides of yourself and truly be whole (week 7).
  • reaching comparison freedom so you can hold yourself in as high esteem as you do others. You will reflect on past instances of comparison to shift your perspective and break the cycle (week 8) and create an action plan to be proactive in your life and leave comparison behind (week 9).
  • living your values so your actions feel purposeful and aligned each and every day. You will bring awareness to the distractions and the "shoulds" that pull your attention in different directions during your days (week 10), realize and embrace the values that you are actually living (week 11), and reframe your challenges as opportunities to learn and grow in congruence with your actual living values (week 12). 
  • welcoming in your life purpose so you can find peace in the life you are currently living, while gathering confidence to move forward with purpose and direction. You will connect with the moments when you feel most alive, valued, and authentic (week 13), redefine how success and failure play a role in your life (week 14), break free from the limiting beliefs that hold you back (week 15), and step forward into your ignited life with actionable goals and personal empowerment (week 16).

Learn how to tackle your schedule in order to live a balanced lifestyle by prioritizing the most important areas of your life. With the ebook + printable templates, you will utilize the Ignite Your Life design system to implement actionable goals and bring fun back into your life.

3. BONUS #2: ART JOUNALING 101 - 6 VIDEO SERIES (Value $299)
Get a jumpstart on art journaling with this foundational course. Learn everything from art journals to permanent vs. non-permanent mediums. Plus, Lulu shares her favorite tips, tricks, and supplies to help you to start this creative art with soul journey with confidence.

Become part of a greater community of like-minded women from around the world. Gain extra support from Lulu, connect with soul centered women, and participate in bonus art opportunities. 

Receive the accountability and support you need to ensure your journey to success. Your first private call is right after enrollment, to set-up your success strategy. The second call is at the halfway, 2 month mark, to continue your momentum and motivation. The third call is at the 4 month mark, to celebrate and plan your next steps. This journey does not need to be done alone, which is why Lulu is showing up to walk along with you.

You get ALL this as part of the IGNITED LIFE ACADEMY!

That's $3,548 worth of bonuses alone!

What's it worth to have clarity and confidence in knowing you're on the right path?

For 17 years, Lulu has been studying and integrating the spiritual and personal development practices for creating joy, peace, and purpose.

... How to be happier now...
... How to find your life purpose...
... How to find your passions...
... How to have time to do it all...
... How to love who you are and have self confidence...
... How to get over the fear of failure...
... How to not feel guilty for taking time for yourself...

That's what Ignited Life Academy teaches you.

For 10 years, Lulu has been studying and practicing the art of creativity. 

... Sewing...
... Knitting...
... Crocheting...
... Mixed Media...
... Intuitive Painting...
... Assemblage...
... Writing...

Let's get you creating and implementing the tools for a life of purpose, passion, and joy.

As with any personal development endeavor, you will only get out of it as much as you put into it. We can't do it all for you, and we cannot guarantee your specific results, since we don't know you.

We can only guarantee that we have seen nothing that compares to this premium program out on the market. It is one-of-a-kind and has facilitated some pretty darn amazing results. If you don't agree, or if you don't LOVE the program for any reason, just tell us and we'll give you a 100% refund.

If it's not the best combination of art and creativity, fused with the personal challenges to better yourself and improve your life that you've ever seen or heard of... or if you don't feel you can do it... then just ask for your full refund.

But what's the alternative?

Why spend a decade trying to figure this stuff out when Lulu has already created a curriculum to take you there now?

Let Lulu shorten your learning curve and give you the same techniques, building blocks, and practices that she herself used, and uses with her 1-on-1 clients, to achieve amazing life results.

Signup today and you'll get Lulu's step-by-step, art with soul curriculum to achieve clarity and contentment in the NEW Ignited Life Academy!

And when you register today, you'll get the $3,548 of bonuses listed on this page for free!

Yes, register today and you get ALL the bonuses on this page free!

Enroll today and you'll get an email confirmation with immediate access to your member's area.

So signup now to get all your bonuses and get started!

It's your time.  

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 
The Ignited Life Academy has a full 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are dissatisfied for any reason at all, ask for your money back and receive a complete no-hassle refund.

What Women Are Saying

"Taking Ignited Life Academy changed my perspective on being a mother and a woman. I struggled with taking time for myself and putting myself first without having guilt to go along with it. I also struggled with self love and acceptance. Slowly, throughout the journey of the course, I began seeing myself in a different light - more grace for my imperfections and more self love and confidence. I started making a little time for myself each week to do something that brought me joy and relaxation. I originally enrolled in this course to get myself back to feeling like an individual again - what does 'Kelly' like to do? Not what should I be as a wife or a mother, just as an individual. I also found that painting was much more therapeutic and peaceful than I thought it would be! The things I loved most about this course were there was no judgements, and no fear. I had the feeling walking away from class each week that I could do anything I wanted to... no dream was too big! A couple of my favorite art projects we did were the dream catcher and the wish list for our life if we could start from beginning. I also think the 'Ignite Your Life' Design System is great! With this system, there is no time or room for excuses! Thanks to Lulu Bea's Ignited Life Academy, I am starting 2017 with more confidence that I will be a stronger mother, wife and person who will fulfill her passions and start living a more fulfilled day, week, month and year!"
- Kelly H.

"The Ignited Life Academy is for anyone who wants a focused jump start to living a happier and more fulfilled life. The lessons are set up to build upon each other, and in the process, you learn so much about yourself. Once you understand how you spend your time vs what's important to you, you explore how you can make changes so you are more in line with your core values. It's ingenious! The homework and art projects speak to several learning styles, and can help provide visual and mental reminders as you work through the course. I love the art projects we did - they remind me to stay on the path and move forward."
- Tina R.

"I enrolled in the Ignited Life Academy because I wanted to make space in my week to explore my life and my journey through art. This turned into much more! I was feeling SO tired at the start. But, during the course, I began to make a lot more space for what I wanted and needed. I began to work from home more often - something I hadn't had the courage to ask for previously. I found myself doing things to care for myself that were previously out of my comfort zone. I also found myself leaving uncomfortable interactions to create space for cooling down - or opting for choices that aligned more with my values. I liked that this course gave me a weekly focus for self reflection and then tied into art. There is a value to having a guide to cultivate material and lead you through this process. I was also surprised by how much exploring my values uncovered. And how doable and focused it was. At the beginning, Lulu said you'd get out of the course what you put into it. And intellectually I understood that. But I found as the course went on, my investment became more fierce. The questions were really big questions - the kind of questions you couldn't answer in 10 minutes. This began to change ME and my approach to the course work. I found myself beginning to make more space and time around completing assignments. If I didn't know the answers, or had trouble answering, I'd bring them to the group, or reach out to friends or to Lulu. I found that my authenticity and creativity became stronger through exploring these questions and as the class time went on. The class pushed me to explore myself and it pushed me on a journey to explore my life: past, present, and future. This was good because I hadn't taken time to explore my life this deeply for many years. Lulu's vision and positive energy as well as the addition of art and a circle of women were all unique elements. Lulu is good at explaining things in a clear way, while managing to assign a deeper meaning. I trust Lulu as my teacher. She delivers what she says she will. This seems so simple, but there really is something to that."
- Sarah N.

"I wanted to take this course because of my deep desire to create and find my inner artist, as well as continuing the spirit journey I have been embarking on. I thought combining art with self-reflection would be a great opportunity to uncover these pieces of my soul. The idea of homework was initially daunting, but as with any important self-discovery action, necessary. Sometimes the questions were easy to identify with, but more often than not, they (sometimes uncomfortably) nudged me to dive down deeper within myself (and not 'get stuck' at the surface). The art activities gave me the freedom to play and express my feelings/desires prompted by the homework. This was therapeutic in a much different way than talking to a therapist. It felt much more proactive and healing. This course gave me the prompt I needed to start pursuing my passions in life. I now give myself permission to 'just play' with art and will reconsider the assignments at any time when I’m feeling stuck. Thank you, Lulu, for supporting me in this journey."
- Amy L.H.

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