Ignite Your Life

Design your life to do it all.

The "Ignite Your Life" Design System is the tool to use for modeling your life to be purposeful, actionable, and soul fulfilling. You can do it all, you can be it all, and you can be excited to live it all. 

No longer will you be distracted by the minutiae of life, or drift aimlessly through your days. With this system, you will have an exact game plan for your life, and will create the precise steps needed towards actualizing your dreams.

"Since I have retired, I find myself unsure what to do with the next phase of my life. This book is the perfect solution to help me explore my options. Very easy to use and direct to the point."

Juli A.

"The Ignite Your Life Design System is great! With this system, there is no time, or room for excuses!"

Kelly H.

"The Ignite Your Life system is very expansive and useful for those having difficulty putting themselves first and/or needing an organizational system... I liked breaking down the various areas and addressing them separately."

Amy H.

How It Works...

To live a life of purpose and intention, you need to spend time contemplating how you want your life to turn out. Do you want to simply react to what is happening around you? Are you content to live day by day without any real direction? Or do you want to take deliberate action and assist your dreams in coming true?

The "Ignite Your Life" Design System will help you to become strategic with your life. You don’t have to be stuck in the repetitive routines of surviving a busy life. You don’t have to lose your joy, or sense of self, while you take care of your work and your family. You can be busy and fulfilled at the same time. You can sprinkle in fun amidst your responsibilities. A happy and Ignited Life is one that allows you to be productive, purposeful, and passionate all at the same time.

With this system, you will focus on 5 specific categories that need to be added to your life calendar to truly have a fulfilling and balanced lifestyle. These categories are Health, Personal Development, Spiritual Development, Family and Fun.

Just as you set goals for work, you will set goals for your life. Without a goal to strive for, action steps are lost, you lose interest in your schedule, and predictably fall back into old routines.

The workbook consists of 5 main sections:
1: Brainstorm
2: Fill in the “My Ignited Life List”
3: Goal Map
4: Schedule your goals and the steps to achieve them
5: Reflect

In utilizing this system, you will gain control over your life. You will decide how you want to spend your time. Your schedule will be full of purposeful and meaningful activities, and you will become excited about what is in your future.

Stay Tuned...