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Meet Lulu

Lulu Bea is an Intuitive Painter and Life Igniter. She helps women to awaken to their true potential through the art of creative expression. She believes that we all are innate creators who hold the power to craft a life that we truly love and adore.

Lulu seamlessly blends spirituality with creatvity in her programs and in her artwork. Through her years of study, she has found that when these two worlds meet, life lessons are integrated quicker, healing is facilitated at a deeper level, and a joy for life is awakened.

Through her signature program, Ignited Life Academy, and her Ignited Woman Life Coaching practice, Lulu connects women to their inner fire and empowers them to live a life of purpose, passion, and joy.

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PROGRAMS with Lulu

Ignited Life Academy

Create a life of passion, purpose, and joy through the art of creative expression.

Have you ever wanted to know your true life purpose? Or have clarity in knowing that you are on the right path? Do you want to embrace where you are in life right now, and be excited about where you are going next? Learn how this signature Art with Soul program can help take you there.

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Art Classes

A la carte classes that combine Lulu's signature style of spirituality with creativity.

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Sewing Patterns + Tutorials

Tap into another form of creativity with these original sewing patterns and tutorials that feature upcycled materials.

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Women's Art + Soul Creative Circle

Join this free facebook group, where you will meet other women who are creatively curious + spiritual seekers.

You can expect creative tips, tools, prompts for art exploration, art sharing and education, resources for both creative and spiritual growth, and Art + Soul fun!

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BOOKS by Lulu Bea

Ignite Your Life

Design your life to do it all.

The "Ignite Your Life" workbook and time management guide is designed to teach you how to model your life to be purposeful, actionable, and soul fulfilling. No longer will you live your days without direction, where you are busy, but unhappy. "Ignite Your Life" will make you an active participant in your life. You will get ahold of your schedule and start filling your time with activities that truly matter.

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EVENTS with Lulu

Private Workshops

Interested in a private workshop in your area? Lulu teaches a wide range of creativity classes, including Intuitive Painting, Mixed Media, Art Journaling, Whimsical Faces, and more.

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Corporate Wellness Classes

Treat your employees to a painting experience like no other, that nudges and encourages them to reach outside of the box.

Lulu Bea's signature teaching style creates a comfortable environment for students to tap into their own creativity and experience success within the freedom of loose structure.  

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